Mac IE5 Hack

This paragraph should be highlighted green in IE5/Mac, red otherwise

The css that does it:

.hacked {
	background-color: #060;
/* test \ this commented backslash character between rules appears to have the
effect that macIE5 ignores the following rule.  Odd, but extremely useful. 
*/ .hacked { background-color: #C00; }
.hacked { color: #fff; }

First identified and published by Sam-i-am, this hack hides styles from IE5/Mac and IE5.1/Mac, but not IE4.5 or IE4.01 for Mac, nor does it hide styles from iCab, Netscape 4-6, Opera/Mac.

This parsing bug in IE5.x/Mac operates regardless of whether HTML or XHTML is used, a DOCTYPE is supplied or whether there is white space between the comment and the rule. The backslash can appear anywhere in the comment.

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