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The first thing to do was use a standards-oriented DOCTYPE declaration. This is essential if you want IE5/Mac to follow the correct box model rather than emulate the incorrect behaviour of IE5/Windows. Now the boxes are in the right place.

However, the right-hand menu of links encroaches on the main content space. To fix things, fix up the widths and positioning so that they are conformant with the CSS box model. Padding, borders and margins are added to the defined width of boxes. So a DIV with a width of 300px and padding of 10px will generate a colored area of 320px (remembering padding goes on both sides).

Fixed positioning looks gorgeous, but the links inside the fixed position elements have no visual feedback that they are links, except by clicking or tabbing. The hover property does not work, nor does the normal cursor feedback. Normally the cursor changes to a pointer or hand when you mouse over a link, but this does not occur here. While IE5.1 does support the cursor CSS2 property, it does not seem to work if the links are inside an element with position:fixed.

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