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The following stylesheet crashes Netscape 4 below about 4.73. (It definitely doesn’t crash Netscape 4.77.)

Any two of these properties applied to an image will not cause a crash, but the three together will. Applying these properties to other elements (eg text elements like P, SPAN or FONT) do not crash Netscape. Most of the testing for this was done with versions 4.6 and 4.08

.test {
    margin:0px; /* or any other margin width declaration */

Similarly, the combination of width, float and clear causes a crash in the same versions of Netscape 4.x. Many thanks to Paul Beakley for spurring me to isolate this particular version of the bug.

.test {
    width:40px; /* the units type does not matter, % and ems also crash them */
    clear:left; }
29 May 2002