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For the record, Opera and Gecko-based browsers like Mozilla and Chimera support the plain text string and attribute attr() values for the content property. Safari supports the plain text string but not the attribute syntax. One difference between the browsers that support the content property is that Safari puts the :after text for a block element like P (or even a list item) into a new block/line, while Opera and Gecko put it on the same line. Safari doesn't make them part of the clickable link, even though text in the before and after sections are styled as if they are part of the link. Also none of them seem to handle entity references like – or &endash;. Instead, they come out literally, which looks unsightly. Need to check how the spec describes this. IE5/Mac doesn't support either syntax. Safari supports inclusion of URIs, at least for pictures, but apparently not for text (.txt) or HTML files. This is the same capability as Mozilla.

By default, Safari italicizes text inside acronym elements, rather than putting a dotted underline under it the way iCab and Mozilla/Chimera do. It doesn't yet support the title attribute.

Let's try some special characters:“like quotes” —£€¥©®™™ℜèаƧµ±–πϖ