iCab Box Model Follies (Part 2)

A heading

A short paragraph

Another heading

A paragraph that is also short

More headings of level 4

A paragraph that is not as short as the previous one

A heading

A paragraph that is not as short as the previous one

This is shorter but right aligned

At last! A heading with a background that goes all the way!

Now we have the background colors going all the way to the edge of the table (except for the first heading), but the text inside the table is not the same as the the text outside the table. The only difference in the stylesheet is that there is no style setting the font redundantly on the various block elements. View source on this page and on the previous test page to verify this.

So, now we know what is going on: in block elements inside tables, the width of the blocks is defined by the maximum widths of previous blocks in that table cell, if the block elements have a font-family style defined in the stylesheet. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that, as shown by this page, iCab follows the incorrect behaviour of Netscape 4 and OmniWeb in failing to inherit font formatting defined on the body into tables. So everybody is used to defining font-family styles redundantly on everything, so that it works in Netscape 4 (and as we have discovered, iCab as well).

17 May 2002
CodeBitch (codebitch@macedition.com)
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