OmniWeb CSS test page 1 : tags

This page should be have a pale yellow background [1], with a dark-green border [2], which should be flush against the edge of the screen [3]. The heading above should be Verdana (or Arial if you don't have Verdana) [4], yellow [5] on a blue background [6], which should go all the way to the edge of the green border, even on the right-hand side of the screen [7]. Eric Meyer's book: Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide is useful, but only if the title is not italic [8], and is purple [9], uppercase [10] and underlined [11].

This piece of code should have a mauve background [12] that extends 15px in all directions from it, even over other text [13].

Below this paragraph is a definition list. The list text should all be green [14]. The term defined (first and third lines) should be italic [15]. The second and fourth lines should be a bit smaller than normal [16]. The terms defined should butt up against the green border, barely touching [17].

Plain old customer without any connections to speak of
Naked mole rat

These paragraphs of normal text should not but right up against the green border around the window [18]. The word "not" in the previous sentence should be red [19] and overlined [20] as well as italicised.

Below the line, the e-mail link should be yellow [21] on a green background [22], with a red border [23] and no underlining [24]. The word "CodeBitch" and the date at the bottom should be Verdana bold italic [25]. The horizontal rule itself should go all the way to the green edge [26].

How to report results: e-mail with the numbers in square brackets corresponding to the statements that don't match what you see.

13 January 2001