Omniweb CSS test page 2 : classes

The heading above should be Verdana (or Arial if you don't have Verdana), pale yellow on a blue background [1]. This paragraph should be italicised [2] and a bit bigger than default text size [3].

Bob Male Movie character
Carol Female

Movie character

Ted Male Movie character
Alice Female Movie character

Bob [4] and Ted [5] should have grey backgrounds to their rows. The text in each cell of Carol's should be underlined [6 a, b, c]. Text in Alice's row should be red [7], including the right-most cell [8]. The word "Alice" should be left-aligned, unlike the other names [9].

This text should not be red, because the class that has been applied only applies to DIVs, not paragraphs [10].


How to report results: e-mail with the numbers in square brackets corresponding to the statements that don't match what you see.

13 January 2001