Heading 1: Yellow on navy background [1]. The body of the page should be pale yellow [2]. Yes, I know this is an UGLY page; it's just for testing purposes.

Heading 2: Note, backgrounds on block-level tags should go (almost) all the way to the edge of the screen [3] (depends on whether the BODY tag has padding by default in your browser. Shouldn't be more than about 10px). Netscape 4 does not do this.

Heading 3: Yellow on navy background. [4]

The horizontal rule below this heading-4 has 5 pixels of padding so you can see its yellow background [5]

Heading 5: Yellow on navy background. [6]

This is a paragraph that should be black text on pale grey. [7]

Heading 6: Yellow on navy background. [8]
This is BIG text in the DIV. It should be light grey [9] on the DIV's navy background [10].

There is a DIV here and then a paragraph with a link. The paragraph should be black text on pale grey [11]. The link should be blue or green text [12] on a light pink background [13], and red text [14] on yellow [15] when you hover over it. If its background is light cyan, your browser doesn't support the a:link CSS pseudoclass. That text "a:link" should have a bright yellow background [16].

Yellow heading [17]Yellow heading
You should be able to see the dark blue DIV background showing through the gaps between this table's cells [18], all of which have bright yellow backgrounds. [19]Netscape 4 doesn't do #19, which is why MacEdition looks different in it. You have to put a border on the div, or border:none. I haven't done this here.
This row has a class attributeThe row class says red background but that doesn't do anything. [20]

This is a rather longer paragraph with an acronym (NATO) and an abbreviation (abbr.). Do you get any text or tooltip when you hover your mouse over them? [21] There is a SPAN in here that should also have a tooltip and a SPAN with a class attribute. The word "rather" [22], the acronym [23], abbreviation [24] and second SPAN [25] should all have yellow backgrounds. The SPAN with a tooltip should have a red background [26].

  1. Firstly, these numbered list items have silver backgrounds.[29] Being block items, they should go all the way to the right edge of the page (except for the 20px margin I have defined). [30]
  2. Secondly, the list itself has a funny orange-peach colored background. Can you see it between or to the right of the list items? [31]
  3. Finally, there is the issue of whether the list item's numbers are inside the silver or peach background areas, or neither. [32]
CodeBitch: red text on pale blue [33]
Grumpy cow who rants about web standards. She says Support standards, but only IE5/Mac, iCab, Netscape 6 and Opera put quote marks around it. Hopefully all CSS browsers show the quote in green text [34] with a bright yellow background [35], and the bold bit as having a bright yellow background,too [36].
Gay Blade: red text on pale blue
Rumorologist extraordinaire who writes the Naked Mole Rat Report, which should be magenta-ish text [37] on bright yellow [38]. Since definition elements (DD) are indented by default, you should be able to see yellow blocks of background color to the left of this sentence [39], which like the one about grumpy cows above, should have a greyish background.
White table backgroundShows through [40]
between the cellsthat have
bright yellowbackgrounds [41]

Some code [42], some keyboard input [43], some sample code [44] and a variable [45], all of which should have bright yellow backgrounds in addition to the font formatting (usually monospaced or italic). Thus they stand out from the paragraph, which like the other paragraphs before, has a pale gray background [46].

MacEdition strives to provide helpful, useful, well-reasoned analysis and commentary. In cases where we present facts, we expect to be accurate. In cases of opinion, we expect to be clear. In cases of speculation, we expect to do so judiciously, and with a keen eye to reality. In cases where your browser claims CSS support, we expect this blockquote element to have a yellow background [47], and that the bright yellow background leaves a left-hand margin of pale yellow from the body showing through. [48]

This paragraph has an inline style that should override the stylesheet. The background color should be pale cyan, not grey. [49]

1 April 2001
This block should have a bright yellow background. [50] Most browsers italicise text in an ADDRESS element.
See something that doesn't match what is described on this page? E-mail the CodeBitch with the number in square brackets corresponding to the things that don't work in your browser. Include the name and version or build number of the browser you are using.