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These entries are in no particular order. Your mileage may vary. Some may call us … Tim.

Porruka (pseudonym) - Editor-in-Chief

Over 20 years of using and managing computers in various industries (from chicken to banking) and software development (TRSDOS to VMS, Unix to Mac OS, and a few others in between) give a broad foundation for spouting all sorts of opinions, and even having a few of them founded.

Overriding all is a desire to see more people “think a little harder.”

Tom Ierna - Head Geek

Tom is a computer freak, and has been since he found out what one was. Likes Mac OS, Unix and Linux. Hates Windows. Feels dirty because IE5 is his default browser.

CodeBitch (pseudonym) - Webmistress, Markup Standards Bearer

CodeBitch is, among other things, an overqualified intranet manager for a large government authority in an Antipodean land. She has written for several non-US computing magazines over the past six years under her real name. She remains anonymous here to avoid readers being confused by her other array of publications on a completely different subject, unrelated to the Web.

Michael Gemar - Assistant Editor

Tony Leggett - Assistant Editor, ProNews scribbler, Plain Old Customer Without Any Connections To Speak Of

The qualities Tony claims to bring to the table include (but are not limited to):

Actual qualifications: None

Dave Loudin - Associate Editor

Durga Smith (pseudonym) - Associate Editor

Johnny K - Head Copy Geek, Graphic Geek, Tech Geek

The tech equivalent of one of those old ladies the board of health regularly busts for maintaining 40 cats in a studio apartment.

Ann Randall - Associate Copy Editor

Meera Venkatesan - Production Associate

Kirk Franklin - Production Associate

GPS Pilot (pseudonym) - Associate Copy Editor

Simon Seeber - Production Assistant, Tech Geek

Corbin Locke (pseudonym) - Graphic Designer, Bad Influence, Enemy of The State
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Favorite color: Pantone 299CVU
Mac user since: 1984

Corbin pushes pixels as well as left leaning political theory, recreational lifestyle enhancements and Photoshop™ filters down on the playground till the authorities show, whereupon he dashes into into the night in his highly customized 1999 Volkswagon Jetta to fight another day (and meet that 11am deadline). He works constantly for little or no money on a freelance basis and in what little free time he has left he looks for new black clothes to add to his wardrobe and scours the web and print as well as pestering his friends for ways to trick his Macintoshes and their peripherals do his evil bidding.

Binky (pseudonym) - Graphic Geek

The Gay Blade - Karma Sink, Contributor

The Gay Blade is the Mac industry’s eternal spirit of playful hedonism and autodidactic eccentricity, which neither time nor corporate Bondi Meanies can extinguish. An Aquarius with Freon rising, this erstwhile utensil can generally be found in faux iguana or other petroleum byproducts, happily hand-chopping a mind-watering array of psychotropic party favors on the glossy face of a Power Mac G4 Cube.

Somewhat regular contributors, helpers and all-around good people

Adam Gillitt - Aquascaping columnist

Don Granberry

Remy Martin (pseudonym)

Bahamut (pseudonym)

Daniel Drew Turner (ddt)

SoupIsGood Food (pseudonym)

Eliot Hochberg - The New Hollywood Workshop columnist, video guy,

FrontLine Lamb (pseudonym) - reseller

Over 15 years in the Apple/Mac reselling business. Has seen and sold it all, from Cauzin Softstip readers to Genesis MPs. Suffered through every Apple re-org and change in strategy. Loves the products, but not the company.

Nobody Special (pseudonym) - reseller

Currently wandering the miles of aisles in a computer superstore somewhere on the Planet Earth as a salesperson. A Mac specialist by virtue of a past association with a national newspaper chain and a winner of a couple small-time national newspaper photography and feature-writing awards during that phase of life. Has been a user of computers since 1984.

Bork - (Mark Dalrymple) - owner of Borkware, Mac geek, programming geek

Gary Penn