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What the Muses Deign: Postcognition I

By Porruka,, June 22, 2001

Look around, at the people next to you, at the cubes or offices down your hallway, at the mirror you keep for introspection. How have you and your company changed in the last year? It’s been little more than a year since MacEdition went live (to almost no fanfare). While a recap of some of the events of the past year will bring new readers up to speed of who and what we are, it can also serve as a reflecting pool for those who wish to see themselves.

Of naked mole rats and Gay Blades

MacEdition is pleased to be able to count among its staff someone who goes by the moniker “The Gay Blade” (TGB for short). TGB has graced our pages with all manner of rumorological content. The NMR Report (NMR is shorthand for “naked mole rat,” Nature’s candy) has covered new hardware, software and the occasional corporate gossip. If the style seems familiar ... the best usually does. Love it or hate it, it’s one of our most popular columns. Just a note though: TGB loves his pharmaceuticals and about the only way to pull him out of his NyQuil-induced stupor is to feed him tips. Be sure to tickle his Inbox if you have anything to share that requires, um, discretion.

Of markup and slaveboys

Proving once again that how you use your tags is the only thing that matters (as opposed to size or proficiency in C), CodeBitch and her trusty slaveboy Johnny are the real heart behind MacEdition. For those following along at home, it’s hard work making a site compliant with HTML standards and actually having it look decent and work well. This dynamic duo performs wonders every time something has to change on the site. iCab smiles at us. We’re readable on Lynx. How many sites claim both at the same time?

And in her spare time, there’s always the CB column, where for the small pittance of your time, you can learn all about the nastiness of current (and past) browsers. This isn’t academic, folks – CB writes from the realities of putting out a major Web publication here. If you think it’s a cakewalk, check out some of her articles!

Of paths both attempted and newfound

We’ve got a heck of a lot more content. Check out our sidebar. There are about 150 articles out there (give or take a few). Take a look at our ProNews, a source for condensed information and important press releases. Looking for a little lightness to end the week? See our Parting Shot archive!

If you’re new to MacEdition, give it a read. But again, why are we here? And are we accomplishing our goals?

The best answer to the second question should come from you, our readers. What do you want to read? What do you want to see in the pages of MacEdition? No doubt, we have our own ideas which you’ll actually be seeing soon, such as message boards, information lists and membership-based features. We’ll be focussing attention on the things we think Mac professionals care about, such as games (both Mac- and console-based), photography, videography (note the recent series on DVD Studio Pro) and Mac development (Classic and Mac OS X).

But these are our ideas. You tell us what you want to read. What would help you in your job? What would help you in your Mac-oriented life? How can we improve to be the premier source of information for you, the Mac-oriented professional?

Of opportunities gained

The MacEdition staff is small, but dedicated. However, we would like to increase the ranks. First, let us know if you have something to advertise! MacEdition reaches thousands of professionals already and we’re growing all the time.

“But I’d rather be involved creatively,” you say. Now’s the perfect time to apply to MacEdition to either work behind the scenes or go for the Big Time and get your name in lights. Please keep in mind that we have quite high standards, so not everyone who applies will be accepted. But if you have the talent and fire, we want to hear from you.

Of the future

So, what is MacEdition doing to improve the site? Look for message boards in the near future. Look for more information, useful information and tools that will aid the Mac-oriented professional. Look for the opportunity to sign up for exclusive benefits, the sort of things that have been missing from the Mac world for a few years now. Most of all, look for MacEdition to become more and more an essential part of your Mac lives.

We thank you for keeping us around for the first year and we welcome you as you keep returning for many more to come.

Editor-in-Chief, MacEdition

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