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CE Software posts continued loss; directly refers to major upgrade

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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When announcing financial results for the quarter ending December 31, on Monday, February 17, CE Software’s President, John S. Kirk, made direct reference to a coming “major upgrade” to QuickKeys X for Mac OS X. The reason for such a reference could be found in the remaining financial announcement, where CE lost $0.08/share or $118,000 on revenue of $345,000. This was a slight improvement over the year-earlier results of $0.11/share loss on $348,000 in revenue.

Kirk attributed the improved results to cost cutting. The consolidated statement of operations provided does show reductions year-over-year in operating expenses such as Marketing and R&D. On the flip side, Miscellaneous Income dropped by half (from six thousand to three thousand dollars) and Interest Expenses grew by more than five times (two thousand to 11 thousand, remaining in line with the reported figures from September).

CE Software, Inc. (OTCBB:CESW) is the maker of QuickMail, QuicKeys and QuickConference, and other software for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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