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MacWorld Expo: Day 1

By MacEdition Staff (feedback) January 10, 2002

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Before we get into this, there was an event of note in the “real world.” For those who might not have heard, Dave Thomas, founder of the Wendy’s hamburger chain here in the States, passed away Tuesday. While hamburgers are certainly important to computer professionals, Thomas was also well known for his involvement in raising the profile of adoption. For more information, please see the special Wendy’s home page which also gives links to Thomas’s Foundation for adoption.

MacEdition is here at the show. So are a hell of a lot of other people, as evidenced by the difficulty moving down the aisles in several parts of the show floor. Following is a selection of products we’ve seen at the show that caught our attention, with no particular order or preference.

Quick hits from the floor

Glass Bead Software
Booth 3851

Want to keep your messaging within your company? Need the ability to bring organization (messaging, reminders, meetings) to one application? Take a look at SnapMail.

Panorama iPod Organizer
Booth 3426

Want to put other data in your pocket on that iPod? Check out the Panorama iPod Organizer from ProVUE.

Booth 2350

Looking for cross-platorm real-time collaboration tools? Pixion’s PictureTalk product provides visual communication tools.

Softchaos Limited
Booth 2535

WorkStrip expands the capabilities of Apple’s Control Strip, giving access to applications, folders, documents and other items. The literature mentions a Mac OS X preview version as well.

ABS Plus (Automatic Backup System)
CMS Peripherals
MacTECH Central

Looking for a software and hardware solution to backups? Plug in ABS – it does the rest.

FrontBase, Inc.
Booth 2333

Need a relational database that covers Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server and nine other platforms? Take a look at the FrontBase database server.

Power Accessories
Lind Electronics
Booth 1146

Lind Electronics carries power adapters and accessories many models of laptops, including PowerBooks, as well as other converters and adapters.

FibreChannel, SAN, SCSI Host Adapters, Software RAID
ATTO Technologies, Inc.
Booth 1243

If you’re looking for high-speed storage adapters, ATTO has a complete line, including many that support Mac OS (Classic and X).

External RAID Solutions
Promise Technology, Inc.

Want to use ATA drives on your SCSI system? The UltraTrak SX series appears as a SCSI device without additional drivers (verified for Mac OS and three other operating systems).

Stay Tuned! More quick picks coming tomorrow...

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