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WWDC : Tuesday, May 7, 2002

By MacEdition Staff, Tuesday, May 7, 2002

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Day 2 is under way. If you’re there, you’re supposedly getting an ear- and eyefull of topics like User Experience: Interface Design Principles (this one ought to be interesting), WebObjects: State of the Union (another crowd pleaser), and the ever popular J2SE Mac OS X Platform Overview.

It’s not all incense and peppermint, though, as the sessions get down and dirty with the Font Manager, Drawing Text with ATSUI, Making Your Application Unicode Savvy, and OpenGL: Graphics Programmability.

If you’re one of the crossover Unix or Windows folks, there are sessions for you too: There’s an overview for Unix developers and Command Line Development Tools.

The full schedule for Tuesday can be found on Apple’s site.

In the past, many have complained that WWDC sessions yielded too little meat and too much marketing. What do you think this year? Tell us your hits and misses for Tuesday and why.

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