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WWDC : Wednesday, May 8, 2002

By MacEdition Staff, Wednesday, May 8, 2002

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It’s halfway to the closing ceremonies and do you know where your developers are? If they’re at WWDC ’02, chances are they’re partaking in sessions like Wireless Directions and Bluetooth In-Depth. Will Apple talk about FireWireless or why IrDA was removed from the latest TiBook? Probably not, but who knows? If security is your thing, there is an Authorizati on in Mac OS X session. Want to tell Apple just how you feel about developer relations? Go to the Feedback Forum just for that (Session FF001, Room J1, 2pm).

Don’t forget about the Apple Design Awards and the real fun, Stump the Experts.

The full schedule for Wednesday can be found on Apple’s site.

Was there something particularly interesting today? Something from the Java sessions, Darwin sessions or even something nifty about the kernel? Share the wealth, brother, below.

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