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WWDC : Friday, May 10, 2002

By MacEdition Staff, Friday, May 10, 2002

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Friday, sweet Friday! What’s this? There are real sessions today? Oh me, oh my! What a turn this is! If you weren’t forced into leaving early by the bean counters, sessions like #907, Compiler Developments at Apple or #909, Debugging in Mac OS X might keep you busy. It’s also a day to spend telling people what you really think in Feedback Fora dedicated to such topics as FireWire and USB (FF009), QuickTime (FF010), Developer Tools (FF015) and Graphics and Imaging (FF018). There’s also this fun little tidbit, #815, Developing for the Managed Desktop, for those who want to "take it with you."

The full schedule for Friday can be found on Apple’s site.

It’s late, you’re tired, you may even be travelling. Did you leave early? Why? Are you sticking around until the security guards throw you out? There must be a reason. Talk to us below, and by extension, tell the world what you think was a must-see (or a must-miss, as the case may be) today.

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