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MacEdition ProNews December 11, 2000

MacEdition Staff (feedback)

QuickTime Preview: Now, with title bar!

“The QT5 player is better than the QT4 player, but it’d be hard not to be.” John Siracusa, Ars Technica

We almost don’t need to say anything else, do we? But of course, we will. The ever-present Daniel Drew Turner, of ZDNet fame, has penned a rather interesting recap of the most recent QuickTime Public Preview for QT5. The player apparently has more visual silicone than Baywatch Hawaii, but it also tries to get a few things right (at least compared to the QT4 player). The article sums things up nicely.

Speaking of troubleshooting...

When you’re taking time out from reading Troubleshooting Professional Magazine (see December 6th’s ProNews), you might as well check up on the tools that will help you once you finally figure out just what the heck is broken.

MacFixIt recently announced its Toolbox Awards 2000. Not much to say here that’s biting, except that finding yourself in a bind without some of these tools really bites.

Soap opera, shmope opera

Aaron Spelling, eat your heart out. If you’re just wanting to change the channel and have things spoon-fed to you for a while, check out As the Apple Turns. Yeah, this is a plug (unsolicited!), what of it? The folks over there are nice enough to scribble us into their daily script once in a while. If you haven’t seen the site (or haven’t checked it out in a while), you ought to give them a visit. Biting humor (hmm ... is there some sort of dental fetish today?), timely commentary, and a whopping dose of, well, Interface by Stickies, will keep you going back for more. Give them the passphrase “Nature’s Candy” for bonus points!

Here’s poking at you, kid

All aboard! Time for the folks who just couldn’t wait for Apple to screw up to pile on. With Apple’s recent financial misstep, it’s time to start reading about the death knell again. It’s almost a shame to give this article more exposure, but it is as good an example as any. Jim Seymour of The felt the need to spout on and on in a column titled, of all things, Tech Savvy. Now, there is quite a bit of concern about how Apple found itself in this particular situation. However, quotes like, “When the PC industry gets a cold, Apple gets pneumonia,” are sillier than, well, our trying to force another biting reference here, just to maintain a poetic balance. Chew on Seymour’s article a bit and see if you can spot the errors.

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