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MacEdition ProNews December 27, 2000

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Welcome back! (or, “Are there no workhouses? Of course not – it’s the holidays!”)

After taking a few days off, the MacEdition staff is back in action, surfing the Web like nobody’s business, goofing off and calling it research!

Here’s an i-opener for you

Netpliance wants to take itself private. It appears that the company is such a bargain at $0.65/share. Not everyone agrees, though, and up comes the inevitable lawsuit trying to stop the plan.

As CNet says in the article, “Netpliance’s stock closed at 34 cents Thursday, the day before the deal was announced. But it traded as high as $26.12 after an initial public offering in March at $18.”

Let’s see ... the ISP market (where Netpliance expects to make its money) is cutthroat (to say the least). The stock is way, way down (being generous). Does the phrase “cut your losses” mean anything? (The preceding article should not be taken as investment advice. Like we know what we’re talking about.)

Seeking forgiveness in the hard disk of life

This is one to keep an eye on. Our friends at The Register, UK follow up on a story about hardware copy protection ... in your hard drive.

The latest entry tells the tale of the ... erm, spin, being applied to this proposed disk standard.

Want to give the (media) keys to the kingdom of your local storage to someone else? Don’t read the above links.

Cutting the cord

Courtesy of ArsDigita, an article entitled “Adding Wireless Users to Your Web Service”. Passable title, real-life info.

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