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MacEdition ProNews January 2, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

It’s like getting a whole new Website for only $99!

Okay, so we’re not charging you $99 (yet), but keep an eye out for changes to MacEdition. The same things you know and love about it will still be here (only more of it!) and a few new goodies will be showing up soon. Don’t miss it!

Will there be new hardware? Really? You sure about that?

Our friends at MacSlash point out that the fire sale continues at 1 Infinite Loop. According to one of their readers, the Apple Store has dropped prices yet again. Now, this could just be a sign of further slowing in the Mac (and personal computer) market, since the end-of-year rebates surely should have cleared out excess inventory, but hey! why look a gift Mac in the mouth? If you’re in the market for a Mac and you’re not awaiting some specific feature, this may be the time to buy.

Mentholatum for the mind

Wired brings its Vaporware 2000 just in time for the new year. Sure, the big joke about it is that Apple has something to do with it, rightly or wrongly. Even more interestingly, another favorite whipping boy of the photo-digerati is there, SiliconFilm. See us Thursday (1/4) for more info on this one.

One other passing thought: if this is supposed to be “the most eagerly awaited technologies of the last year that, alas, never were,” why are 4 out of ten of the entries games?

Emulate-em for the mind

Here’s a line that ought to strike fear into the hearts of many: “The PDP-8/E and the I/O devices can completely be controlled using AppleScript.” Where the heck did this come from? From an announcement about the latest version of a PDP-8/E simulator for the Mac. For those of you too young or too insular to know what this is, it’s history, baby! Without Digital Equipment’s PDP foray into the minicomputer scene, much of what we know as personal computers today would be much, much different.

And as a note to Mac developers – beat this! “It runs on 68K and Power Macintosh computers with System 2 to Mac OS X Public Beta and on the Macintosh emulator vMac.”

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