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MacEdition ProNews January 18, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Moto’s other date for the dance

Just because everyone’s favorite chip maker finally announced silicon over 500MHz doesn’t mean they’ve been sitting around the whole time. EE Times lets us in on a different sort of platform war: the one that the PPC is really designed for. An underdog in the embedded market, Motorola and the PowerPC chips are taking on MIPS-based platforms.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s supposed to be the same chip as in the 733MHz Macs. With more than one market for them, perhaps these chips will actually ship in quantity soon.

Sorry, mouse-potatoes

A study of studies; not exactly the most complete scientific analysis available but better than nothing, it seems. The San Francisco Chronicle brings us an article about dieting, exercise and weight maintenance. Some key excerpts:


Rosetta stoned

From ZDNet (via Yahoo!) comes news of a device long-rumored to be in the works at Apple’s labs. Instead, Big Blue brings it out: a “mini-notebook with a scribble pad that can translate and record notes written on paper to the PC.”

Granted, this isn’t exactly the legal-pad computer, nor is it a completely new idea, with various manufacturers having tried to replicate the scribble pad in a computer interface before. What it does show is that there is still a need for effective non-keyboard input. Is Apple planning on playing in this space? Hard to tell, but it would make sense for the company that wants to lead the Digital Lifestyle to do more work toward integrating the Analog Lifestyle too.

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