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MacEdition ProNews January 26, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

And you thought the Cinema Display was obscene

Thanks to Accelerate Your Mac! for the story about Samsung’s latest video beastie: the SyncMaster 240T. Those who say size doesn’t matter won’t be interested in the 24 inches of liquid crystal display.

Samsung claims this is Windows, Mac and Sun compatible, and uses DVI (you know, that standard digital monitor connector).

Analysis of this? What more can we say? If the rest of today’s ProNews is a bit damp, we apologize. It’s hard to keep the drool off the keyboard.

First, you have to get the cat into a leotard...

Okay, this one isn’t really news. But our friends at The Register UK give us a bit of a chuckle at times. They tell us about’s bid at patent immortality. That’s not the best part – check out the patent on a “Method to exercise a cat.”

Analysis? This is a slow news week.

Ask Dr. Toast!

What can you say about the Amazing World of Toast? It’s an agonizingly slow news week.

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