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MacEdition ProNews February 9, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Full court press release

In case you missed out on this at MWSF, Helix Technologies was nice enough to send us a release to remind folks about a special offer they (and their parent company The Chip Merchant) are running.

Helix Technologies, developer of the Helix suite of RDBMS products, will award gift certificates for $100 and $200 of The Chip Merchant retail merchandise with the purchase of new copies of Helix RADE for $150 and Helix Server for $400, respectively. Helix RADE is the development environment for the Helix product suite. Additionally, Helix RADE can execute Helix applications in single user mode. This offer began at MacWorld San Francisco and is good until February 28, 2001. Please visit the Helix Technologies web site at to order Helix products. The Chip Merchant, parent company of Helix Technologies, is the distributor of computer products with 16 years experience in the Macintosh market.

Not to mention, they have Macworld pictures. Too bad they didn’t have a Naked Mole Rat in their booth. I hear that NMR work wonders on relational databases.

More one-handed fun

This is an older item, but it somehow escaped us the first time around. No worries, though – we’re not too proud to dig it up. Sony has expanded the reach of the Memory Stick to, wait for it, the mouse. That’s right, the mouse. In a strange sort of way, it actually makes sense, assuming you use Memory Stick removable storage. Why dongle yet another device?

Interestingly enough, Sony is making this for the Mac too, according to the release. Thank you, USB!

Full court press release, #2

It certainly seems like one market that the Mac is often left out of is the POS market. No, that’s not a synonym for the Wintel clones, but for “point of sale”. You know, cash registers?

Well, just like the old man about to be put on the cart, POS software for the Mac isn’t dead yet. Nope, in fact, the Peninsula Group from the UK sent in a press release highlighting what is apparently a vexing problem: receipt printing on a Mac. We’re not tweaking them; it’s nice to see niche software for the Mac, one of those areas in which Wintellers so often claim superiority.
Here’s the release (verbatim):

Print To Your Till Printer - On A Mac!

Peninsula the leading British Software Company have today launched a brand new version of their product aPos which enables you to print and even open the cash drawer from within any application as a print driver! The new aPos Printer Driver is packed full of terrific features, for example, it’s so easy to use. You can now produce receipts on any till printer, simply run the installer and away you go. No more scripts to set up.

Easy column control. The spooler allows you to set the printer width and send as many columns as you like to it. aPos can be set to automatically open the cash drawer at the end of the transaction and also reduce the amount of paper used for the receipt automatically.

Everyone’s busy these days, so the best feature about aPOS is that it is really fast, faster than a plug in and works on all Macs with a PPC processor including iMacs and Mac OS 9. So it saves your precious time. But the best feature of this amazing product would undoubtedly be that it available for Macintosh!

Peninsula back their products with free full technical support via E-mail. The company has over fifteen years experience of Barcoding software and are linked to large companies such as Black and Decker, Pedigree Pet Foods, and Cambridge University Press. To find out more information about Peninsula Group or the services they provide, contact or see their website at or Tel +44 (01262) 673591.

Peninsula are the UK’s leading specialist software company.

Many small businesses might actually turn away from a Mac if it can’t run the front of the store. Here’s one more piece of ammo that says, “A Mac can do this, too!”

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