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MacEdition ProNews February 14, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Dejanews, déjà vu

Usenet. That place that doesn’t have all the consumer glory bestowed upon the World Wide Web. Dejanews used to lead the charge of bringing Usenet to the unwashed masses of Websurfers. No more, according to the Boston Herald. Have no fear, though – the eminently usable Google has snapped up the archives. It’ll be nice to finally get all those archives back on-line and usable. While Usenet carries around its share of porn (like there’s something wrong with that), it also is the best place to find honest-to-goodness information on any topic, be it common or obscure.

Bravo Google!

Power to burn (your software partners)

Much hay has been made about Apple’s latest PowerMac line and the (currently limited) ability to burn CDs. Well, for those who don’t have a spiffy new Mac (or even for those who do), this press release washed over the transom from Charismac, touting an offer for their Discribe software:

Discribe V4.0 Special Offer Nears an End

Only three more days [Ed: As of 13 Feb 2001] to take advantage of Charismac Engineering’s introductory price of $29.96 for upgrades and competitive upgrades to latest release of their popular CD mastering software, Discribe V4.0. The upgrade and competitive upgrade special ends at midnight on Friday, February 16th. At that time users will be able to purchase upgrades and competitive upgrades to the new version for the standard price of $39.95.

Nothing says “I Love You” to your sweetheart this Valentine’s day like CD mastering software! OK, perhaps candy, flowers and a few other traditional gifts, but unlike most stores during this time of year, Charismac has actually lowered the price of Discribe V4.0 on their web store. Impress the one you love with a vocal Valentine recorded with the included AudioScribe, direct-to-disk recording software. Files recorded with AudioScribe can be immediately written to CD using Discribe. AudioScribe is also a great way to record vinyl or tape to CD as well.

Discribe V4.0 is a reliable, easy-to-use CD mastering software product for the Macintosh. Discribe, which carries an SRP of $99.95, boasts a new user interface that lets users burn CDs in as little as two mouse clicks. Discribe has also added direct CD-to-CD copy, drag-and-drop MP3 support and now supports over 200 firewire, USB, SCSI or ATAPI CD recorders.

More information about Discribe V4.0 can be found at For a limited time users may download a 5-burn demo copy of Discribe from the downloads section of the Charismac web page.

Good press is good press

Mac folks everywhere will like this one. The San Diego Union-Tribune is running an article touting AirPort. What’s so special about this article? It’s positive. It’s informative. And it’s an easy read. It’s nice to see both the results of some of Apple’s efforts and the recognition of such in the mainstream press. Not only that, but it’s a regular column called MacTrack.

There doesn’t appear to be a direct e-mail link to Mr. Hugh Peebles, the author, but we would suggest that anyone who reads it and likes the article tell the paper such. From their Contacts Page, it appears would be an appropriate address.

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