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MacEdition ProNews, 7 March, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

No, your data's not heading to the afterlife

From the Press Release department, we get this tale of love, betrayal and the conquest of the ever-afterlife ... well, no. Not really. But we do get to hear about Akenaten's favorite Mac formatting utility: Anubis.

Charismac adds native firewire support to Anubis V3.21, Offers Web Special

NEWCASTLE, CA 3/5/01 – Charismac Engineering, Inc. announced the arrival of native firewire support today to their popular Macintosh formatting utility Anubis with the release of V3.21. The new version includes a high performance native firewire device driver which supports virtually all fixed disk and removable firewire drives. 3.21 also supports virtually all fixed disc and removable SCSI and IDE drives.

Charismac's Anubis Utility is a reliable, easy-to-use utility designed to maximize the performance of virtually all Macintosh disk drive-based storage devices, from the latest 80 GB drives to legacy storage devices brought to market over the past 10 years. Anubis allows users to easily format, partition and install high-performance device drivers to a variety of storage devices through an intuitive user interface. Anubis V3.21 fully supports storage devices connected to the firewire, SCSI or IDE buses of the Macintosh.

Anubis V3.21 is available for purchase on the Charismac web page Registered users who have purchased an earlier version of Anubis within the past 60 days may upgrade for free. Charismac is offering a special upgrade price for a limited time of $19.95, over 33% off of the standard upgrade price of $29.95. Upgrades from previous versions are also available for $19.95 via the Charismac web page. Charismac is offering a competitive upgrade to Anubis V3.21 from competing formatting utilities also for the special upgrade price of $19.95.

Charismac sales can be reached by calling (800) 487-4420 or (530) 885-4420 or via email at Corporate, Government and Educational purchase orders may be faxed to (530) 885-1410. OEM and site licenses are available.

Charismac Engineering, Inc., headquartered in Newcastle, California, has produced and licensed quality software applications for the Apple Macintosh family of computers since Charismac Engineering Inc.'s award winning line of utilities include: Discribe, Anubis Professional Formatting Utility, Charismac RAID, Backup Mastery, AudioScribe, PowerControl, CD AutoCache, VideoJet and FibreShare.

Hands off my .ORG!

This is not specifically Macintosh-related (ignoring the obvious references to some Mac publications being non-profit), but it is interesting to note anyway. If you've been following the news, VeriSign (the new owners of Network Solutions) is trying to pawn off the management of .NET and .ORG domain addresses in order to gain a further lock on .COM addresses.

According to, part of this plan is to start enforcing the concept that .ORG only be used for "non-profit organizations." The folks at are starting a campaign, complete with buttons, to try to prevent this from actually happening. As it turns out, the .ORG "classification" has previously been a loosely adhered-to convention, not If you have a .ORG address, you may want to check this out and investigate the facts of the case; you have nothing to lose but (possibly) your domain. Thanks to Following Eden for the tip.

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