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MacEdition ProNews April 11, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Digital hub? We already got one, you see?

The Register tells us what we already guessed: Sony is serious about the PlayStation 2. Hard drive? Fat pipe for connections? It seems that come soon, both the iMac and the Xbox will have something to be worried about.

At least this shows that the rest of the world is thinking about this digital hub hubbub. TiVo, Ultimate TV, PS2. It’s a good thing Apple doesn’t have this market all to itself, or we’d be worried about our favorite fruit company’s ability to deliver within the appropriate market window.

More shameless self-promotion

Seems that “Copy right laws [are] out of balance,” or so says Dan Gillmor of A snippet:

Then [DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) 1998], as now, there was “not a large lobby urging consumers’ rights to be protected,” Boucher said, with more than a bit of understatement. On the other side were the Motion Picture Association, the Recording Industry Association of America and other groups that cared only about maintaining total control over their property.

“The result,” Boucher said, “is that some of our laws have tilted too much toward copyright owners at the expense of consumers. And there are threats of more dramatic restrictions of the rights of consumers.”

Where have you heard about these sorts of abuses before? Right here on MacEdition.

The article goes on to talk about how there is an attempt to mitigate the effects of DMCA. It’s an important read.

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