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MacEdition Pro News : July 23, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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And you didn’t even know you had a bar code dilemma!

Peninsula Group, those wacky folks who seem to have an answer for just about everything, shoot down another pesky problem. Apparently, UPS uses a bar-coding scheme called Maxicode that no one supports (on the Mac, anyway). Well, what is a software development house (that has bar-coding expertise on tap) to do? Write its own, of course. And what would you integrate it with? Nothing less than Filemaker!

From Peninsula’s press release:

Being a software company which specialises in barcoding software and plugins, we were only too aware how much easier life would be if only there were a piece of software available which enabled anyone to produce Maxicode barcodes. There would be no fuss, no complications – we could just provide the text, and the software would produce the Maxicode for us.


Maxicode barcoding needn’t be prohibitively expensive, nor ridiculously complex. This software is available for just 99 pounds sterling (137 USD approx.) for Maxicode and code 128.

Contact for more information.

RealBasic au jus

For those of you who just couldn’t wait to have your RealBasic environment localized to French, your wait will soon be over. Alsyd from Grenoble, France, is now the official sales, marketing and support vendor for RealBasic in France.

Some specifics from the release:

“As the foremost tool for cross platform rapid application development, REALbasic is a natural addition for Alsyd, with our specialization in internet, security and scientific products. REALbasic is already the tool of choice for French Mac OS developers, and we are happy to have the opportunity to introduce REALbasic to our professional user base,” said Patrick Binet, president of Alsyd.


Alsyd will localize RealBasic 3.5, Real Software’s forthcoming version, into the French language. RealBasic 3.5 French Edition will be available through the Alsyd Web site and through Alsyd’s network of resellers throughout French-speaking Europe.

Looking through the Alsyd site, they’re no strangers to the Mac OS platform.

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