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MacEdition Pro News : September 4, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Dr. Bott and the Ballmerfunk?

Although the last half dozen segments might suggest otherwise, MacEdition’s ProNews is not just about press releases. Other flotsam washing across MacEdition’s bow that doesn’t fit anywhere else ends up here too, as the couple of snippets below should demonstrate.

Don’t let your DVIator become a deviant

This is quite a serious warning for owners of Dr. Bott’s DVI-to-ADC adaptor, DVIator. Anyone upgrading his or her system to OS 9.2.1 may find it reacts very badly with Apple’s new 17-inch LCD display. The folks at Dr. Bott elaborate on the problem in their warning note:


DVIator, Mac OS 9.2.1, G4 Built-in DVI video and 17" ADC Display.

Users with a 17" ADC flat panel display who use DVIator with the built-in DVI video on a Power Mac G4 should not install the new Mac OS 9.2.1 update for now! The updated video drivers in 9.2.1 can render the 17" LCD unusable in this configuration.

Only users with exactly the above combination of hardware including the 17" flat panel display are affected. Dr. Bott is working with Apple on a final solution.


Users with a 17" ADC flat panel display who need to install the Mac OS 9.2.1 update should follow the guide lines detailed here:

They will find an easy procedure that will permit immediate installation and use of Mac OS 9.2.1 despite the above issues.


This issue does not exist under Mac OS 9.1 or Mac OS X for the 17" monitor. Users with a third party DVI card (such as ATI’s Radeon) or running a second display should not experience these problems. Users with a 15" or 22" ADC display can install Mac OS 9.2.1 normally.

Only the specific combination of DVIator, Mac OS 9.2.1, the built-in DVI video card and 17" ADC Display can trigger problems. It is possible that the screen stays black after installing the update and you will need a Mac OS 9.1 CD or a second monitor to revive your system.

More information about DVIator can be found at:

This information will be very handy for all DVIator owners with the new 17-inch display who’ve made the upgrade to OS 9.2.1. It’s a slight pity they’ll be unable to read it...

Developers do the “Ballmerfunk”?

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s very own lovable CEO, firmly entrenched his reputation for doing, erm, “enthusiastic” keynotes after his most recent “live and sweaty” performance. [Link removed because it was replaced with real naughty material. - Ed.] “Sure, that’s old news,” you say, “That movie clip’s been doing the rounds for weeks.”

But it took an enterprising Mac user to convert the raw energy of Ballmer’s performance into a music video. James Carusone, creator of “Ballmerfunk,” has converted every drop of sweat into a work of art that we’re sure will be a cult anthem for generations to come. Well, maybe not.

It’s the beginning of a new work week and everybody needs a giggle, so check it out. Just be glad that Kevin Browne, head of the MBU, has a little more decorum...

(We promise to be back with press releases next time.)

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