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MacEdition Pro News : October 3, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Clearing out the ProNews inbox the other day we discovered some tidbits of information that we hadn’t yet shared with our readers. Some of the announcements are a little old but still very relevant. So without further ado...

Helios beta for Mac OS X now available

If you’re into networking or prepress, you’ve probably heard of Helios Software. The good news is it’s coming to Mac OS X quite soon. From the press release:

Chicago, PRINT 01 Booth #6557 – September 6, 2001 – Supporting more AppleShare servers worldwide than any other UNIX-based server software, HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading provider of network and prepress software, announced the beta availability of its server products for Mac OS X. Based upon beta feedback, HELIOS expects to ship by mid October.

HELIOS’ leading server products now in beta include:

  • EtherShare 2.6
    Highest-Performance server for Mac clients
  • PCShare 3.0
    Highest-Performance server for Windows clients
  • EtherShare OPI 2.1
    Server-based OPI, including Image Replacement with Color Separation And Proof Printing support
  • PDF Handshake
    PDF Printing, OPI and Imposition includes: PDF Internet Printing & Create PDF Server
  • Print Preview
    Convenient & reliable last minute proofing

The Helios suite of networking and prepress servers represents the most extensive offering of Mac OS X native software available today. HELIOS offers an easy-to-use installer, plus native Mac OS 9.x and Mac Apple and HELIOS servers together combine the power of UNIX with the OS X-based server administration for easy setup and management of users, volumes, printers, ColorSync and other server administration tasks. For a detailed look at HELIOS server features for Mac OS X see the URL:

Apple dealers, system integrators and other qualified resellers may download the beta software by contacting their regional HELIOS distributor or local reseller. In the U.S., contact European MikroGraf Corp. at (831) 466-1710 or

We spoke too soon...

The last ProNews segment mentioned the arrival of Opera Beta 1 for Mac OS X. Had we just waited a few more days we could have killed two birds with one stone – Opera Beta 3 for Mac OS Classic is out too, promising greater stability and new features. From the press release:

OSLO, Norway – Sept. 14, 2001 – Opera Software today released Opera 5.0 for Mac Beta 3, offering Mac users new features, increased stability and user-friendliness on this popular alternative browser for Mac users.

Opera 5.0 for Mac Beta 3 introduces the ability to search bookmarks, autofill forms and upload files. Important bug fixes have improved the overall stability of the browser, giving users a better Internet experience.

Download Opera 5 for Mac Beta 3 from for free. Users do have to upgrade their beta version when it times out, in this case on November 1, 2001.


Opera 5.0 for Mac Beta 3 will work with systems 7.5.3 up to 9.2 and for Mac OS X in the Classic mode. Opera 5.0 for Mac Beta 3 supports the following World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards: 128-bit encryption, TLS 1.0, SSL 2 and 3, CSS1 and CSS2, XML, HTML 4.01, HTTP 1.1, ECMAScript, DOM and WAP/WML. Opera 5.0 for Mac Beta 3 has powerful search features where users can easily move between the most popular search engines, and search for terms, domain names or stock quotes.

If you experience glitches with the new beta, trashing the cache folder often helps. The folks at Opera also ask you to keep sending in those bug reports so they can make it a better product.


The staff at MacEdition – from the Great White North of Canada all the way down to the Big Brown South of Australia – were shocked and saddened to witness the tragic events of September 11 that shook America. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered losses that day. As time passes and the world gets back to business, the families of the victims will need your continued support.

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