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MacEdition Pro News : December 5, 2001: Too short? Too old? Too pixelated? (and Too Long Away)

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Welcome back, old friend

Many probably gave the MacMarines mailing list up for dead, but fear not – it’s back in action. Sarge wants everyone to know that if you were on the list before, you’re back on. (Perhaps you’re already getting e-mail!) If you’re wanting to join, check this out:

For reference here are the commands and addresses you need to know.

To send email to the moderator for posting to the list:

To send a subscription command to change your status:

Put in the body of the message one of the following commands: subscribe mailcall (also used to switch FROM digest mode)
subscribe digest mailcall
unsubscribe mailcall

If you are having problems with this or have more than one address and are not sure which you are signed up under, let me know.

It’s not the length that matters

Or then again, maybe it is – especially when you’re dealing with monitor placement and those confounded ADC connectors that Apple has been attaching to all of its otherwise fine displays. (The cube died, why can’t this?) Anyway, without any lemons, the folks at Dr. Bott would be hard-pressed to make ADC-flavored lemonade, in the form of extension cables for use with ADC and DVI displays.

Dr. Bott’s ADC Extension adds 3 meters to the built-in ADC cable for a total length of about 15 feet.

ADC Extension allows more options for placement of Apple’s PowerMac G4. Whether fitting into a desk system or isolating the CPU to minimize the impact of fan noise – ADC Extension offers versatility unavailable with the built-in cable.

ADC Extension is compatible with the Apple 15" and 17" Studio Displays, the Apple 22" Cinema Display and the Formac 1740 Gallery Display. (ADC Extension is not compatible with Apple’s now discontinued 17" CRT display.)

ADC Extension is available immediately and retails for $59.95.

Dr. Bott is also shipping its 3-meter DVI Extension and DVI Extractor for ADC for $49.95 and $34.95 respectively.

OtherWorld-ly software

Are you a masochist? Do you like running new operating systems on machines that are obsolete, ancient and, well, would have struggled to run it when the OS was called Rhapsody? Depending on your machine, you might be in luck. The folks at Other World Computing want you to know about “Unsupported UtilityX.” With a name like that, how can you go wrong?

Until now, the only people that could use Mac OS X were those that bought a new Macintosh computer or owned a G3 or G4 computer that is currently supported by Apple,” said Larry O’Connor, president of Other World Computing. “Our goal with Unsupported UtilityX is to take care of the loyal Mac users who have older systems that are not supported for OS X. With the UtilityX application, these users can now run OS X and truly revitalize their older, but still exceptional Macintosh computers. They will also be able to take advantage of the newer software products, which are designed to only operate with OS X, as well as continue to upgrade their existing system with faster hardware products rather than having to invest in entirely new systems.

For further information, check out ...

3D or not 3D, that is the question

Our friends over at iDevGames wrote to us, wanting to highlight an editorial by editor Carlos Camacho concerning 3D apps on the Mac. Where is it, you ask? Right here, of course. Lots of good info on 3D history and currency from someone who knows something about the topic: a game developer.

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