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MacEdition Pro News : January 31, 2002

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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It’s a Web, Web world

You got your Web page in my database! You got your database in my Web page! Mmmmmmmm. Two great tastes that taste great together, data in a tab-delimited format and static Web pages! And Fourth World has brought out a Carbonized version of its WebMerge to let you do just this sort of thing.

From the press release:

“Our Mac customers have expressed a tremendous interest in OS X, so we stepped up our efforts to deliver this Carbon port,” said Richard Gaskin, President of Fourth World Media Corporation. “OS X’s enhanced integration with Windows compliments WebMerge’s role in helping to automate Web production in mixed workgroups. Our new workgroup pricing reinforces that role, allowing organizations to get five or ten licenses at a time with steep discounts so they can easily share WebMerge across their production staff.”

Pricing and additional details can be found at

Cry havoc and let loose the birds of war

The founder of MicroProse dropped us a line to let us know he’s back in the game, so to speak. Wild Bill Stealey is bringing WarBirds III (a World War II simulation) to the Mac, first with a Classic version followed shortly by a Mac OS X version.

What does Bill have to say about his new venture?

Our WarBirds III is a combined arms Air, Land, and Sea simulation with exacting detail in all facets of the game! We think we beat everyone with our graphics, our realism, our simulations, and our great flying community.

We think Bill’s letting his modesty hold him back. See for yourself and find out more at Or, if your Mac’s a little long in the tooth, you might find Dawn of Aces more your style.

There’s a market for everything

Well, we’ll just lead this one in with the company’s own words:

Spectorsoft Corporation [...] announced the Macintosh version of its award-winning Spector spyware program - the first automatic Internet and PC Activity Recorder designed for consumers and businesses.

Billed as a solution for all those pesky occasions when you just absolutely need to know what someone’s doing on that computer (after the fact, though), it’s available from SpectorSoft Corporation.

As onerous as this application sounds, there probably are valid applications for it. As stated in the PR:

Recognizing that Internet filtering software is inadequate and inconvenient, Spectorsoft decided that the best way to put parents and teachers in control is to allow them to see exactly what kids do on the computer by recording their actions. With Spector, a parent/teacher sees everything the child sees. If a child tries to access a checking account, or visits adult-oriented web sites, or is approached by a stranger on the Internet, the parent/teacher will be able to see that by playing back the recorded screens.

Of course, what can be used on the children can be used on adults. At this point, we’d say it’s “surfer beware” if you think your machine might have this software installed.

Still preening that Puma

If we can cover software for snoops (see above) surely we can also note people with scoops (the ProNews mandate is, loosely, “anything that may interest our readership”). According to the folks at Think Secret, the Mac OS X 10.1.3 update has been seeded to developers.

With no prospect of Mac OS X 10.2 (aka Jaguar) in shrinkwrapped boxes appearing in the short term, it’s good to see Apple continuing regular bug fixes. After all, there’s always one more bug...

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