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MacEdition Pro News : April 1, 2002 : Ain’t no foolin’ around here

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Remember when numbers like this were modem speeds?

The folks at Lexmark wanted to let the Mac community know about their new 4800-dpi inkjet printers (as well as other, less-Herculean printers in the same series). If you spend too much time trying to decipher what paper is in the printer or you need to totally confuse the issue with more than one paper tray, listen to what the press release has to say:

The flagship Lexmark Z65 offers a host of innovative features enabling it to meet the demanding needs of small office/home office (SOHO) users and high-end consumers. Dual paper trays make it simple to print on a variety of media, such as glossy photo paper and transparencies. Lexmark’s PrecisionSense™ technology automatically determines the type of stock in the front paper tray and adjusts the printer driver to optimize output. In addition, the Lexmark Z65 boasts best-in-class print speeds of up to 15 pages per minute (ppm) in color, and up to 21 ppm in black – making it ideal for high-volume users.

In black and color, the Lexmark Z65 touts 4800 dpi resolution, while the Lexmark Z55 is capable of 3600 dpi resolution. These inkjets also feature a three picoliter microfine color drop size, allowing for better color transitions and more detailed textures. Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the superb detail and vivid color, while SOHO users will benefit from eye-popping color graphics and laser-sharp text output.

The kicker? Lexmark claims these advances on plain paper. For more info, go to Lexmark’s site.

Living under a rock?

Just in case you haven’t heard, Ambrosia Software, Inc. has turned Escape Velocity: Nova loose on the suspecting, gameplaying public. It’s been out for more a few days now, so here’s the important info:

Get it here

The EV Nova engine has been rewritten from the ground up to provide you with a whole raft of new goodies: ships can now bank and animate, and also have transparency effects for engine glows, weapons effects, running lights and more! Murky systems affect your visibility as well as your radar, while an all-new AI stalks you with unprecedented accuracy and cunning.

EV Nova finds you, a young pilot with a brand-new shuttlecraft, full power cells, and an entire universe to explore. You must choose which missions to take, which people to trust and which gear to buy. Will a rack of solar panels be more useful than a shiny new laser turret? Which ship has the best layout for your playing style? You’ll be able to choose from literally hundreds of ships and upgrades in your journeys.

When PowerPoint just won’t do

VVI, the company with the funny name, dropped us a line and wanted our readers to know about a couple of developments with its product line. First, don’t go looking for OpenGraph or Graphbuilder any more. VVI has changed the name – it’s now Vvidget (vee have vays of making you change names). Second, Peer Visual 2.2 is now available, adding 3D effects. Just can’t get enough press releases? The full scoop on these two announcements can be found at Peer Visual Updated For 3D Effects and VVI Introduces Vvidget Product Name (Formerly called OpenGraph).

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