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MacEdition Pro News : April 9, 2002, PM Edition: Clix, clacks, Blade is back

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Don’t have enough to do with your video editing tools? Do you have a burning desire to have people click on your movie, again and again, without incurring the wrath of the MPAA Ratings Board? Enter eline Technologies and their NAB Las Vegas announcement of VideoClix 2.0.

According to the press release:

Added features in 2.0 include new click, rollover, and time triggered Actions, messaging for third-party application support (Flash, iShell, LS Pro...), HTML independent interactivity, faster Object tracking, canned effects, full OS X and MPEG support and all around UI improvements.
That’s a mouthful. There’s more too. Check them out.

Does Bill Campbell read MacEdition?

We sincerely doubt it, but an alert reader dropped us a line that beta testing is about to start on Quicken 2003. If you’re in the program, be sure to let Intuit know what you think.

NMR Report Quickie!

Faux-gator hide kerchief tied fetchingly around his sweaty pate and looking for all the world like a tubby, hirsute Butterfly McQueen, The Gay Blade snatches a precious moment from his norephinephrine-fueled spring cleaning to pass along a timely tip: According to his local solvents supplier, a Wednesday morning press gathering hosted by Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit at its Mountain View, Calif., redoubt will probably serve as the launchpad for a new Mac version of MSN. Code-named Sierra, the new client will represent “a revamped combo of Entourage and IE”.

Sharpen the Blade and call him Prissy! That’s good eatin’.

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