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MacEdition Pro News : August 4, 2002: FileMaker gets funky, Jaguar gets trained, DVDs get burned

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Play that funky music, FileMaker

Where is it written that databases have to be boring and staid? The folks at 24U Software think that a silent database is a dull solution indeed. The PlaySound Plugin 1.1, coming soon, promises to extend your ability to “add longer sound effects and background music” to FileMaker solutions. Music to your ears? Check out the links for more information.

Jaguar: FAQ’d, tracked, and shellacked

Our friends over at and The Mac Trainers are helping dispel the clouds of confusion that obscure effective Mac OS X administration.

From their press release:

This two-day seminar focuses on the technologies and concepts behind OS X. Attendees will learn the major differences between OS X and Apple’s previous operating systems, installation methods, System details, and File System structure. Also covered on day one will be Fonts and printing, audio and MIDI, managing user accounts and domains, basic UNIX navigation, Jaguar communication technologies, and more. Day two covers networking in OS X, understanding and using Open Directory Services and Network Services, security within OS X, UNIX for administrators, and troubleshooting OS X using a variety of techniques and software tools.

Of course, specifics are welcome. In fact, here are some:

When & where:

The inaugural seminar will take place at the Louisville Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday-Tuesday, August 26-27, 2002. Normal pricing for the seminar is US$299 per day or US$499 for both days. Attendees of the very first seminar can attend for US$199 per day or US$399 for both days. Seating for the seminar is limited so sign up early to reserve your seat! Sign up by heading to or calling 707-332-3785.

New dates are being added all the time, like this list:

  • Louisville, Kentucky, August 26-27
  • Chicago, Illinois Sept. 5-6
  • Atlanta, Georgia Sept. 5-6
  • Reston, Virginia (DC) Sept. 9-10
  • Boston, Massachusetts Sept. 12-13
  • Cleveland, Ohio Sept. 19-20
  • Dallas, Texas Sept. 26-27
  • Los Angeles, California Sept. 30-Oct. 1
  • San Francisco, California Oct. 3-4

There’s probably been more since this was sent to us, so be sure to check the seminar list for the latest info.

Burn, baby, burn

Those wacky folks over at Other World Computing just had to let you know that you can now get additional external FireWire DVD and CD burning solutions from that Mac shop down the street – no, that’s not right, you can get them from ... Other World Computing!

Some important features?:

These are the first external FireWire solutions that allow users to author and burn DVDs using Apple’s DVD authoring tool, iDVD. The Mercury Pro drive also works with Apple Studio Pro, iTunes, Roxio Toast, CharisMac Discribe, as well as many other CD/DVD authoring software.


The Mercury Pro plug-and-play drives are compatible with both Macintosh and Windows-based systems, and feature a Pioneer DVR-104 drive mechanism, built-in headphone jack, and power eject. Each drive comes with five pieces of DVD-R 2x media, 25 pieces of CD-R media, one piece of CD-RW media, and all connecting cables.

There are many more details, so head on over to Other World Computing for full details, and tell ’em you heard about it here. If you did, of course. If not, and you want to fib a little, well, we won’t complain.

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