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MacEdition Pro News : August 25, 2002: Haxial RATs, Explorer icons and hair, toasters and a smile?

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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To Haxial with you

The folks at Haxial Software sent us info about two items of interest. First, do you ever want to do any of the following (and who doesn’t)?

If any of these apply, check out Haxial’s new product, RemoteAdminTool (RAT).

If you’re already using Haxial’s TextEdit (or just want to), it’s been updated to version 1.100. Some handy additions (according to the PR) include “a new ‘Count’ command to count characters/words/returns in the document and selection, or the number of occurrences of a piece of text that you enter; a menu to show the path to the file or to open parent folders; some font improvements; new color schemes; and some bug fixes.”

Full details are at the product page on Haxial’s site:

Is your IE toolbar looking dull?

Those swirly “@” symbols in Internet Explorer’s favourites toolbar aren’t as ugly as in some browsers, but they’re not exactly eye-catching either. And if you try to cram a lot of them into the toolbar with abbreviated names they become difficult to tell apart. This is what motivated Alexander Wilson to produce a set of customised IE favourites icons:

CHAPEL HILL, NC., August 8, 2002 – Writer and creative artist Alexander Wilson today introduces over 75 icons which any Macintosh OS X user may drag and drop to the Internet Explorer toolbar for customized links to favorite websites.


For best results, Wilson recommends using the icons only in the OS X version of Internet Explorer (5.1 or later). “They’ll probably work in IE 5.1 in OS 9,” Wilson says. “But it might not be pretty. Those stripes are fairly X-specific.” Wilson admits he has no plans for OS 9 versions of the icons, but will probably be releasing updates and new sets of icons every other month or so, depending on demand.

“Of course, you can’t practically fit 75 icons on the IE toolbar,” says Wilson. “The large number of icons and websites represented means more Mac users will be able to find a favorite to use. I also welcome suggestions for future icons and for changes to existing ones.”

Once an icon is deleted from the toolbar, the only way to get it back is to return to the website where you found it, so Wilson encourages users to “bookmark the page. Your tastes will change and you’ll want to switch them around. Unfortunately, toolbar icons aren’t something you can download to your hard drive and expect to get working very easily.”

Other creative samples are available from Wilson’s website at

More hair, free to a good home!

We’ve previously mentioned Change My image from the folks at Infinisys. Well, they’ve decided users need more hair to chose from:

On August 6th Infinisys Ltd. made available for download the second free data set service for users of Change My image, a hair simulation program for the Macintosh. The data can be used by registered users of Change My image, and consists of 4 new hairstyles plus a new graphic interface. The data is available for download from Infinisys’s home page ( Infinisys plans to offer new hairstyles and graphic interfaces to registered users of Change My image on a regular basis. Change My image allows you to simulate different hairstyles and colors on photographs loaded into the program.

"Change My image" works with Mac OS 8.6 or higher, and works in native mode with Mac OS X. A free demonstration version is available at http://en.infi

The flying toasters are back!

On another note, Infinisys has also released a Mac OS X native version of the classic Mac screensaver, After Dark. According to their site, the flying toasters are back and twirling in their renewed OpenGL-aware glory. It’s available for $20 (Mac OS X only) and can be downloaded at

For more information, check out:

Software to smile about?

Smile Software, which is, according to their press release information, “devoted to developing useful and user-friendly software for Mac OS X”, wants you to know about Page Sender 2.0, which has “fax send & receive and print-to-email (PDF) utility with fax modem receive, custom cover pages, AppleScript automation, and Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) support.”

It’s a free upgrade for registered 1.x users and new users can download a 30-day demo version here.

Full pricing and other details are available on Smile Software’s site.

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