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MacEdition Pro News : August 27, 2002: DigiChats, Microdrives and (more) driver updates

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Dig in to DigiChat

Apple’s already rolled its AOL-compatible iChat client into Jaguar, but if you need even more online chat-based goodness, you might want to check out DigiChat Version 4.0, a Java-based chat application from the folks at Digi-Net Technologies. A couple of years ago the phrases “Java-based chat application” and “made for Mac” would have arched skeptical eyebrows (MRJ on, say, OS 8 was pretty flaky) but the “first class citizen” status of Java 2 on Mac OS X (kinda, sorta) makes this a viable alternative.

Here’s some more pertinent info from their PR blurb:

DigiChat is the market-share leader in Java chat software solutions. Its proven interface and rock solid stability and compatibility have led to more than ten thousand site licenses sold to date. DigiChat also maintains versions for other platforms including Windows, 9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux, UNIX, Solaris and others. DigiChat v4.0 was designed to raise the bar for community-oriented chat applications.

DigiChat v4.0 combines the strength and reliability of the past award-winning versions with some new features that far exceed those offered by competing applications. The new version includes a completely redesigned interface and BOT support, which allows users to add functionality such as real-time language translation and local weather reports within the chat window with our open Java-based API. Other features include automated flood control, file transfer/sharing capabilities, support for webcast chat events and support for interface themes (skins).

You can download a free demo at

For more info, check out

Microdrive prices get more -er, “micro”

The folks at WeibeTech have announced pricecuts of up to $90 on their MicroGB hard drive range. These gizmos support USB2, FireWire and they’re a portable bus-powered pocket drive.

The new prices are:

Product Order code Old Price New Price Availability
0GB User Conf. MGB-0 $119.95 unchanged stock
20GB 4200RPM MGB-20 $217.95 $199.95 stock
20GB 5400RPM MGB-20HS $339.95 $249.95 stock
30GB 4200RPM MGB-30 $299.95 $249.95 stock
40GB 4200RPM MGB-40 $329.95 $299.95 stock
40GB 5400RPM MGB-40HS $439.95 $349.95 stock
48GB 5400RPM MGB-48 $439.95 $399.95 stock

From their press release:

(Basic product includes: Aluminum enclosure; USB2 cable and FireWire cable. An AC adapter is optional and required only for USB usage.)


In the U.S. and Canada, MicroGB may be purchased from WiebeTech’s distributor,, or from dealers. All configurations are in stock and available directly from Canadian resellers may purchase WiebeTech products from EMJ (

Griffin updates gPort, releases PowerMate SDK

For those of you who, like us, lose track of what all these new fangled names like gPort stand for: the gPort, from the folks at Griffin Technology, is an internal serial port adaptor for USB-era PowerMacs. They’ve released new drivers for Jaguar compatibility for their complete line of serial port adapters including g4Port, CubePort and the original gPort.

Nashville, TN - August 16, 2002. Griffin Technology, Inc. has released OS X Software version 1.2 for its entire line of gPort Serial Adapters, including the popular g4Port. Just in time for the international release of Apple’s newest operation system OS 10.2, this release brings complete compatibility to the new OS and further enhances performance and stability of all gPort devices.

Griffin’s gPort Serial Adapters adds an internal “board level” serial port to Apple PowerMacs, Cubes and CRT iMacs. This allows users continued access to their favorite serial port devices such as modems, printers, etc. The gPort OS X Software version 1.2 is a complete rewrite of the driver that provides improved stability and works more reliably when upgrading the OS.

The gPort OS X software Version 1.2 is free and available immediately for download at

Griffin has also released two PowerMate software development kits (SDKs), one for Windows and one for Mac OS X

The two SDKs provide a complete set of instructions on how to access the PowerMate hardware, including capturing the data being sent from the device and setting the brightness of the LED. This enables programmers to easily invent and implement completely new and unique applications for the PowerMate.

Both PowerMate Software Developer Kits (SDKs) are available immediately. All interested developers may contact Griffin Technology by email at and request one or both of the PowerMate SDKs.

So, if you’ve got an idea for a new software application for the “blue glowy knob”, give Griffin a call.

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