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MacEdition Pro News : September 6, 2002:Watery stock, tuneful software, debugged video, fond nostalgia

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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Film, camera, action

In the world of filmmaking, using stock footage is done as often as the print world dips into those hundreds of CDs of clip art to bang out an ad.

So it comes as no surprise that an enterprising group of people put together a little library of footage that people can use on all those iMovie-making iMacs out there.

Global Cuts announced a new series of royalty-free underwater footage featuring wrecks, reefs, rays, sharks, dolphins and all sorts of reef fish from around the Red Sea. Prices for the Red Sea snippets run from US$19 to US$519, depending on the amount of footage contained in the collection.

According to the press release the new series contains:

Brothers Islands (31 Clips)
Safaga Outer Reefs (28 Clips)
Jackson Reef (27 Clips)
Red Sea Divers (20 Clips)
Red Sea Nightdive (15 Clips)
Surfing Dolphins (1 long clip)
Cornetfish (15 Clips)
Grey Reef Sharks (23 Clips)
The Hawksbill Turtle (1 long clip)
The Napoleon (1 long clip)
Picassos of the Red Sea (4 Clips)
Red Sea on Tape (All footage)

Global Cuts has posted examples of the new collection at its Web site ( in both QuickTime and Windows Media formats. And no, kids – artistic license does not mean you can use this footage to create a rockin’ “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” school report.

And the hits just keep on comin’

MacMusic has just made the computer musician’s life a little easier by launching a Web site to track all the software available made for a Mac that a musician might want to use in order to better craft his or her work.

The MacMusic Tracker site can display titles either by category or date for those who want to keep abreast of musical software developments on a daily basis.

As’s Webmaster, Soif, puts it in his press release:

Each software record includes a small description, a direct download link, as well as a link to the editor and its product page.

The MacMusic Tracker (sorted by release date) can be reached via:

While the software directory (sorted by category) is available at:

A big bug squish

Trinfinity Software has released an update to its Seagull Video Player, an application that creates video playlists and plays them back in full-screen mode.

Version 2 of the US$20 video player contained a bug that required users who had upgraded from Version 1 to enter their registration number every time they launched the application.

The update, as well as a 30-day demo for new users, can be found at

God bless their little cotton socks

We here at ProNews (and yes, there is more than one little monkey slapping at a keyboard here) would be remiss if we hadn’t noticed the moaning and wailing around the Web over the disappearance of our smiling little friend, the happy Mac, who vanished with the release of 10.2.

Those in despair need not drown in their tears. The one beautiful thing about Unix is that, with enough knowledge, you can turn an operating system into any damn thing you want it to be.

So, without further adieu – and in the spirit of spreading Unix knowledge everywhere – we give you the return of the happy Mac. Please point your browsers to

And while we’re on our soapbox rousing the rabble to take back their operating system, we’ll also ask you to go to to bring back a long-lost friend of ours.

Now, if anybody figures out how to make a PowerUp key work on one of these newfangled Apple keyboards, we’ll be most eager to tell the world. I don’t know about you folks, but this monkey is sick and tired of fumbling around the base of an iMac or eMac like a 14-year-old boy wrestling with a bra strap. Ease of use, my gluteus maximus!

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