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Ain’t gonna play Sun City

July 2, 2001

Après lui, le déluge!

Like Solzhenitsyn, Allende, Amelio and other storied literary exiles, The Gay Blade has kept the flame of freedom burning brightly in his own hearth awaiting the day when its light would again illuminate the darkest corners of his beleaguered homeland. Praise Pasternak, the moment of ignition may finally be at hand!

The ceaseless winds of international justice have finally snapped the corroded strings supporting the puppet government of the oppressor.

And although he can’t go home again – his natal neighborhood was long since condemned as a hotbed of sedition and razed by a team of whey-faced apparatchiks – the Blade still holds his torch aloft in the hope that the surviving rump state of a once-proud union is finally ready to turn a new page, vault out of the dark ages and land somewhere within spitting distance of civilized society.

The Blade only hopes he still has the saliva to do the job!

Atlas shrugged

The Blade isn’t the only one working up a juicy stream of self-expression; consider the latest efforts of his fellow travelers, who have coughed up a slick gobbet of information about the next Power Mac G4.

The new system, code-named Titan and slated to slide home at this month’s Macworld Expo/New York, will feature a redesigned front panel that includes curvaceous new drive bays and a bodacious new speaker. While the full range of processor speeds has yet to wash over the Blade’s transom, the figure 866MHz looms large in his lexicon.

Even as Titan heads for the door, some final hitches have delayed the delivery of Puma, the long-awaited point-one release of Mac OS X. According to the Blade’s army of politically active immigrant waitrons, Puma is now due to ship a few weeks after the Expo; since the OS is being optimized for the latest Mac releases, Titan probably won’t hit virtual or actual shelves ahead of the big cat.

Soy un cuchillo sincero, de donde crecen los rumores, y antes de morirme quiero oír sus historias del Mac. ¡Envíelos al NMR Report y gane una rata hermosa!

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