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Another Macworld, another update

By FrontLine Lamb (, July 31, 2001

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So what does one of the MacEdition staff who also happens to be a reseller think of the latest from Macworld/New York? Glad you asked.

Us dealers – like you users – hoped, prayed, begged and made small animal sacrifices to petty gods for new and exciting Mac products to be released. (No actual animals were harmed during the making of this column.) Well, maybe we needed to sacrifice larger animals this time. Those petty gods (Steve, Jon, Avie, etc.) didn’t cough up much to satisfy us mere mortals.

Let’s break this down to the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

Apple does go out of its way to say that it will compete fairly with us and so far I can’t complain on what it has done. Okay, maybe the Apple Store had iBooks before anybody else, but Apple said they would try to avoid that kind of thing in the future. It says that it won’t try to undersell us, get product before us or any other preferential treatment. But it is called the Apple Store. We are “John Doe’s Computer Store.” That’s not a level playing field, however you look at it. Apple Specialists may get a better shake, but there are a lot more of us general computer retailers than there are Apple Specialists.

Okay, some good, some bad and some really bad. Personally I’m hoping that Apple pulls a rabbit out its hat for the Paris Expo. A really new iMac and a stable, shipping 10.1 would be grand. Now I just have to figure out how to get Apple to pay for a ticket to Paris. It sure won’t be from the gravy I get on Apple’s margins...

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