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MacEdition Post of the Month ‘official rules’ and sponsor list Rev 1, August 14, 2002

By MacEdition Staff, August 14, 2002

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The MacEdition Post of the Month contest is designed to encourage intelligent discussion on the articles and topics that MacEdition presents in its content. We want to reward the best of the best each month with a prize (or prize package).

It’s simple, really. Post to the feedback are below one or more of our articles, have something intelligent to say, and provide a valid email address in your post (we have to be able to contact you if you win). If you get chosen, we’ll let you know and arrange delivery of the prize(s).

The legalese?

The winning post must have a valid email address.

The winning poster must provide, when requested, a valid snail mail address for the delivery of some prizes.

The winning post will be highlighted to the MacEdition readership.

The winner will be chosen by the MacEdition editorial staff and all decisions of the editorial staff are final. MacEdition staff members are not eligible to win. Outside contributors are eligible only for posts made to articles which he or she did not write/contribute to (i.e. posts made to your own article are ineligible). It is possible that no posts will be deemed worthy in a given month. In such a case, no prize will be awarded. No badgers were harmed in the writing of these rules.

And now a word from our previous sponsors

NMR Media/MacEdition would like to thank the following companies, in chronological order, for their generous sponsorship of the Post of the Month. Want to add your company to the list? Click for details.

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