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Mac OS X: Pro and con – you tell us!

by Porruka, October 4, 2001

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If there’s a topic that polarizes the Macintosh community, it is the adoption of Mac OS X for daily use. Some people swear by it, some swear at it. Some refuse to change because of the interface, others drop into Terminal and never see the pulsing buttons.

Just this past weekend (9/29/01) Apple has released Mac OS X 10.1, the much-watched progression that is supposed to bring real usability and performance to this OS. So it’s a good time to step back and see what people have to say about the state of the OS.

We want to know!

If you’ve installed Mac OS X, why did you do it? Was it Mac functionality? Was there an application that you needed that was Mac OS X-only? Was it Unix functionality? Just wanted to be on the cutting edge? Tell us the top five reasons why you installed (and use) Mac OS X.

For those of you who are holding back – tell us why! Does your favorite scanner not work? Do you hate the changes to the interface? Is your machine too old? Whatever the reasons, give us your top five stumbling blocks to adopting the future of the Mac OS.

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