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Eulogy: The Unkindest Cut, A Follow-up

Monday, MacEdition published a story looking at the pieces of the puzzle that is Mac the Knife, the popular (if bizarre) rumor column for and previously in the print version as well. In our article, we followed the breadcrumbs and speculated about the demise of the venerable column.

Yesterday (that’s the 4th of July, a major non-working holiday to many Americans), editor Mr. Stephen Beale responded indirectly to the issue via a editorial: Whither Mac the Knife?, where the Knife is officially retired and the MTK Boards (a haven for all sorts of Mac-related discussion, gossip, and plain old fun) are shut down.

The opinions of the content of the Mac the Knife columns vary widely, but certainly few people read him and didn’t have some strong reaction. We would like to hear some of those reactions to the Knife and the Knife Boards and to the recent demise of both.

We always encourage letters to the editor at MacEdition. This, however, is a special case, and we’ve set up a special mailbox just for this purpose.

Write to us at Tell us what the Knife and the Knife Boards community meant to you.

Our editorial staff will review the letters and publish the best of the crowd.

Our decisions on which ones to publish will be in accordance with our overall publication decisions: there needs to be some content in there somewhere. There will be plenty of editorial leniency – you don’t have to re-write “War and Peace”, nor do you have to like the Knife to get published. However, please don’t expect to get published by writing “thE KniFE rools DooDZ!!!1!!” or “Man, he blows. Get a real columnist!”

Have you got something you want to say to/about the Knife? Here’s your chance.

Depending on the response, we expect to start publishing letters next Monday, July 10, 2000.

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