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Soup: The MacEdition Manifesto

So who is this rag-tag band of rebels raising riots and running roughshod all across the Mac industry? Hold onto your hats, kiddies, because it’s a whole new ballgame. We’re out of the bullpen and into the stands, and this industry is never going to be the same again.

MacEdition is a multinational convocation of Mac geeks, freaks and malcontents fueled by pop culture, substance abuse and good, old-fashioned arrogance. We’re savagely smart and clued-in working professionals dealing day in and day out with the cruel, hard realities of winning our daily bread in a world gone Mac. We are musicians and artists and designers and economists and scientists and IT executives. Some of the bad boys battling under our banner are even established, highly respected trade journalists, but we’re not gonna hold that against them. To form a more perfect union, we kicked the habit of callow old-media monsters struggling in the mire of their own incompetence, and made the decision to start rolling our own. You will quickly notice that we’re not like the other girls working this corner. No drooling fanboys allowed. Doom-and-gloom drama junkies need not apply. Wannabes will be mocked viciously. What you get with MacEdition is the Real Deal. Pure and unvarnished truth-telling and sooth-saying: prophecy and plain-speaking all bundled into the finest Mac-centric site that ever there was.

Around here, we all walk the walk. We’ve all been around the block and back again. We know what you want to know, and we know how to lay it all out without pulling any punches. We ask the hard questions and get the real answers come hell or high water, so you better believe you’re getting the skinny on what’s shakin’ and what’s just shaky on the Mac scene. We live and work in the real world, so we know better than to write up daydreams and wishful thinking as industry analysis, and our rumorologists know when their sources are toying with our gullibility. We cover what works, because we’re more interested in retiring rich than having meaningless benchmarks associated with our equipment. The biggest, fastest and newest ain’t always the bestest, and we’re savvy enough to let you know when that is.

Give us your attention, and we shall repay you with riches. All of us here at MacEdition know that the Mac, for all its faults and failings, is simply the best tool for the creation, navigation, manipulation and management of information. We’ll prove it.

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