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It’s an exciting time to be an Apple Mac user. Whether you agree or not with the direction the company is going, there is plenty to talk about. Is Apple ahead of the curve on DVD authoring? Sony apparently doesn’t think so. Is Apple behind the curve on retailing? That’s yet to be seen. What’s the next great thing to come out of WWDC? Who’s going to tell the world about it? Who’s going to tell the world what it all means?

That’s where you come in!

MacEdition is looking for intelligent, well-reasoned contributors, to cover not only WWDC, but MacWorld NY, the openings of the various Apple Stores, changes in Mac OS X, lack of changes in Mac OS X, FileMaker, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, hardware, games, you name it. If it affects a Mac professional (or a professional who uses Macintoshes – not necessarily the same thing) we want to hear about it.

Check out our submission guidelines; then, if you like what you see, send an email to

If you can make us think, whether we want to or not, you just might find your prose on the pages of MacEdition!

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