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MacEdition Editorial Statement

MacEdition is committed to analyzing and discussing the Macintosh market, and its effect on computing, business, and life in general. Primarily, the content is focussed on the pro and prosumer markets. The consumer markets will also be involved, though, as many times these issues and markets are interrelated.

MacEdition is committed to avoiding fan-boy “journalism”. While there is a certain market for rabid, unquestioning hype and support for Apple and all its decisions, MacEdition does not serve that market.

MacEdition strives to provide helpful, useful, well-reasoned analysis and commentary. In cases where we present facts, we expect to be accurate. In cases of opinion, we expect to be clear. In cases of speculation, we expect to do so judiciously, and with a keen eye to reality.

The MacEdition editorial staff makes content decisions based on many factors, as is the case at any publication. However, we will not hold or promote content solely on feedback from our partners or advertisers. If we decide it’s worth publishing, regardless whether the content is positive or negative, we’ll publish it.

MacEdition serves professionals, prosumers, and anyone else who chooses to “think a little harder” about the issues and options facing Apple and the Macintosh market. The standard is high to serve this group well. MacEdition expects to meet or exceed this standard.