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MacEdition ProNews December 22, 2000

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Threaded like a Red Shedded step-child

It’s not too often that you run across someone (in the Mac OS space, anyway) willing to completely replace a critical aspect of the operating system. That’s just what Red Shed Software is doing with their threading package. Check out the claims – if you’re doing threaded Mac software, you ought to at least evaluate this package for yourself. It’s the least you could do for someone who puts “pre-emptive thread” and “Mac OS” in the same sentence.

It’s only going to get worse

Intellectual property raises its head once again. The New York Times on the Web (free registration required) tells us about accounting and valuation issues related to IP, various forms of technology, trademarks, and the like.

How much is the idea of that doggie in the window?

PermaTemp? Better evaluate those options...

The Austin American Statesman brings us a story of the ramifications of the recent Microsoft settlement of two temp workers’ lawsuits. From the article:

“This settlement is a $97 million message signed, sealed and delivered to the technology industry and many other companies in corporate America that are using long-term contractors as a way to avoid paying benefits,” [Marcus] Courtney [former Microsoft temporary hire, now head of the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers] said. “Companies should seriously review their policies to assure that independent contractors and temporary workers are used as exactly that. If not, they will face financial consequences.”
Companies could face other consequences. The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers is an affiliate of Communications Workers of America, which organized temporary workers at Microsoft and is trying to unionize thousands of workers at


We’re not saying there will be anything worth seeing, but...

Satellite time is cheap, right? Apple’s burning a bunch of it, giving folks outside SanFran a chance to see his Steveness live via the big dish or QuickTime.

Look out below!

“If anything, notebooks are going to slow down even more than desktops because they’re a higher-ticket item,” Gartner analyst Kevin Knox said Tuesday.

Apple is expecting this quarter to suck. Royally. The company expects to have to blow out inventory that has built up at its retailers in order to make room for whatever it plans on releasing early in 2001. But with news like the above quote, from a ZDNet article, will the next thing we hear from Apple be about how pro laptop margins have been crushed? The current quarter has shown that what affects other manufacturers does affect Apple. Here’s to PowerBook sales bucking the trend!

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