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MacEdition ProNews May 2, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

Press releases delayed are press releases denied

In the interest of telling our readers about all the cool stuff that’s hit our inbox, get ready for a mega-dose of ProNews Press Releases!

PR #1: MacVCD for MacOS X

The Mireth Technology Corporation has released Version 2.5 of MacVCD X. This is great news for those of you who prefer VCD to DVD (or have one of those spiffy new CD-RW Macs). One caveat, though. From the release: “Because Mac OS X (as of April 2001) does not support the Video CD format, you need to make Macintosh formatted copies of your VCDs for use with Mac OS X.” Bummer.

For more information on MacVCD X please visit

PR #2: HyperSend now offers support for Macintosh users

Do you need the ability to send and receive files in a secure fashion, including both Macintosh and Windows machines? Hilgraeve, Inc. says they have just the thing for you. From the press release:

As with PCs, Macintosh support for HyperSend comes in the form of the HyperSend Agent program that works with the HyperSend servers to manage file deliveries. The Agent automatically compresses files before sending and uncompresses them when receiving. It supports automatic recovery of interrupted transfers and allows users to encrypt files with a password or phrase before they are sent. The recipient enters the pass phrase to decrypt the file when they receive it. The HyperSend Agent also makes it possible for users to schedule deliveries to happen later, or even set up recurring deliveries. This makes it easy to automate the routine transfer of data among multiple locations.

Unfortunately, the company has not updated their Web site with this information as of this writing, so here is more relevant information from the release:

HyperSend offers a free level of service, allowing users to send up to 100 deliveries or 10 megabytes each month at no charge. Additional capacity is available for ten cents a megabyte. HyperSend for Macintosh supports Mac OS 8.6 or higher and Netscape Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer 5. Support for OS X, and other web browsers is coming in the near future. HyperSend requires virtually no training, doesn’t require maintenance by an IT staff and can be quickly implemented. HyperSend is more secure, reliable and trackable than email, and is faster and more cost-effective than overnight delivery.
For more information, visit the Hilgraeve Web site or more specifically, their contact page.

PR #3: Half-assed Mac gaming site? We gotcha covered...

From secure file transfer to folks secure in their obscurity we go! The CFGN Network wrote to tell us about their new site, Online Macintosh Gamer. How would it be described? The answer, in their own words:

OK, so what is OMG all about? Well, basically we aim to be an opinion/community based Macintosh Game and Hardware news site.. Sure you may be able to find a more concise and detailed coverage elsewhere... or, but neither of those sites can come close to the half assed grip on things that we have.. sure they try, but all of their actual knowledge and technical understanding gets in the way!... ok, really OMG is a site where you can participate and, even post news, reviews and opinions.... and as long as it has, at least a vague connection to the Macintosh and/or Mac gaming we’ll approve it!

So have a poke around and submit news, a review or just drop us a line to tell us what you do and don’t like about the site. OMG welcomes input from it’s readers and even allows readers to post reviews and make editorial style comments.

PR #4: Get’cher barcode readers here!

The fine folks at The Peninsula Group [they have some of everything! -ed.] sent us this tidbit. Should you be interested in USB barcode readers, there’s a special on ’em until May 6th – 115 pounds sterling (or US$165). Here’s the text of the release (it’s short!):

Peninsula’s barcode readers are an excellent solution for retail businesses, loan services, libraries and educational and medical establishments.

Many satisfied customers can testify that they are simple to use, require no extra software and come complete with the necessary cables. Simply plug in and start scanning!

Combining excellent value and superb flexibility, the readers are also reliable and come pre-tested with Peninsula’s 1 year guarantee.

Peninsula is committed to customer care and rapid order response and are thus pleased to provide 2-day delivery by FedEx to anywhere in the world for just 10 pounds sterling (15 USD).

You can order securely on our website for next day despatch.

This time-limited summer offer can only last until May 6th.

For further information, please see our website - , or feel free to direct any queries you may have regarding the readers or any of your barcoding needs to

Be sure you tell them that you heard about it on MacEdition. We won’t get anything for it (since this is not a paid advertisement) but it will help them know where the Mac professionals are reading about their wares.

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