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MacEdition is sad to note the passing of Rodney O. Lain

by Porruka, Editor-in-Chief, June 18, 2002

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If you follow the Mac press, Web and print, you likely have heard of Rodney O. Lain, known to most of the Mac world as iBrotha. His in-your-face style and ability to tell it like it is resonated with many, many people.

You don’t have to agree with someone, or even like him, to respect what he does. Personally, I agreed more often than not with his writings, but cannot say whether I liked the man, since I never actually met or corresponded with him. However, his writing on topics we all hold close – the Macintosh, Apple and the whole experience surrounding being a Mac user – enlightened, inspired, infuriated, and generally motivated. No more. Rodney passed from this world over the weekend.

Beyond the above, I’m not qualified to speak to the individual, so below are some links to other sites which have a much more personal involvement.

I will say this though: “We’ll miss you, Rodney.” We need someone to stir things up every once in a while.

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