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MacEdition ProNews January 3, 2001

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

A kinder, gentler RIAA

Looking back (has it only been a few days?), we brought you a short (really short) synopsis of the CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) issue. This is the “oh, don’t worry, it doesn’t apply to you” extension to the ATA disk specifications being proposed for incorporation into hard drives.

The Register UK first alerted us to it. Mainstream U.S. tech media are picking up on it too, with a slightly different view of the matter.

Keep an eye on this one, folks; it could get really ugly, for companies and consumers alike.

For those who just want to know more, here’s a FAQ from our friends at the Register UK again.

What do we look like? A place for buyers and sellers to find each other?

Ok, so you really wanted that copy of “The Greatest American Hero” (as performed by various artists), but you missed out on the bidding at eBay. The seller contacted you, though, and, as luck would have it, he still has quite a few copies to sell. (Imagine that!)

Not so fast, eBay says. A CNet article says, “Effective immediately, eBay will first warn, then suspend, members who use their eBay connection to conduct business offline. For example, it is against eBay rules for a person to contact a losing bidder on eBay to offer that person the same product without going through eBay.”

If you’re a eBay-er and haven’t read up on this, check out:

The flip side of the coin? Apparently some folks have been doing this sort of out-of-band communication unsolicited ... and spam is bad where ever it comes from.

If your brain is nearly full, don’t read this

What can you say about this (PDF document)? If you’re into color management, or into publishing and aren’t into color management, read this article. Funny, though, ColorSync doesn’t come up at all. Now, you don’t have to write in telling us that ColorSync does this and does that – this isn’t a bash on the Apple technology.

Want to get cut by both sides of that particular sword?

For any particular systems vendor, a strategy that does not foster interoperability sacrifices potential market size. A strategy that does not foster unique system features sacrifices potential product advantage and can place the interests of vendors in conflict with the interests of the industry.

Hmm ... is that color management or operating systems the author’s talking about here?

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