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MacEdition Pro News : June 13, 2002: Elementary training, IM enclaves and bad hair days

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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More training for “the rest of us”

Professional pixel-pushers may want to skip this blurb, but those of you who never want to know the difference between a layer mask and an alpha channel may want to read on. has released a new training CD called “Learning Photoshop Elements”. Here’s the skinny:

“Learning Photoshop Elements” contains over 2 hours of movie tutorials, and includes exercise files so viewers can follow along. This self-paced training course uses creative examples to guide users through the basic tools and features of Photoshop Elements, covering everything from correcting and retouching photos, to making panorama compositions and coloring artwork.

Featured topics include:

  • The Selection Tools
  • Correcting Contrast and Color
  • Removing Redeye
  • Composite Photo
  • Photomerge Panorama Composition
  • Type Tools and Text Effects
  • Re-sizing Images
  • Web Gallery


“Learning Photoshop Elements” is available as a cross-platform CD-ROM for US $49.95 or as part of’s new Online Training Library. Visit or call 1-888-33-LYNDA (1-888-335-9632) to order.

That’s good, but if you don’t have the cash for this and do have a copy of Mac OS X, there is always iPhoto.

Instant messaging just for Macs

Feeling like a second-class citizen with the Mac instant messaging clients for either AOL or MSN? Or, for whatever strange reason, do you dislike hanging around messaging with “those PC types”? Well, now there's Hubz from Digi-Net Technologies. So what’s the story with Hubz?

Hubz is the Internet’s first truly Web-based instant messaging solution designed specifically for the Mac OS. It is an interactive, Java-based Web applet that transforms the Web from a predominantly one-way push platform into a truly interactive, live, real-time, two-way communication medium. Hubz allows visitors on the same site or the same page to see and interact with each other without special programs, plug-ins or client-side software.

Features of Hubz include:

  • Instant Messaging - Site visitors can interact with any other visitor through familiar text-based instant messages
  • Population Awareness - Only product available that allows users to see who exactly is on any given page at any given moment.
  • Expanded Buddy List - Every site visitor instantly becomes part of user’s online buddy list
  • No Downloads Necessary - Site visitors do not need to download any software or install any plug-ins. Visit a Hubz-enabled site and simply start interacting and chatting.
  • Total Community Package - A critical part of Digi-Net’s total community package that also includes messaging and bulletin board components

A Mac-only instant messaging product? Well, it’s a novel marketing angle. More detailed information can be found at

Bad hair day?

Do you feel the need to change your image? Or maybe you’re just a bit shy of the local county sheriff? Well “Change My image”, from the Japan-based Infinisys, may be just the thing for you.

“Change My Image” allows you to quickly and easily try out a variety of hairstyles and hair colors. Just load in your photograph and then click on the desired hairstyle and hair color. It’s easy. “Change My Image” comes with over 100 hairstyles for men and women, and also works in native mode in Mac OS X. You can download a free demonstration version of “Change My Image” from Infinisys’s home page at You can also purchase a serial number which will convert your demonstration version into a full version for only $15.

Product Name: Change My Image
Price : $15.00 (US dollars)
Release Date: May 28th, 2002


Macintosh OS 8.6 or better. Works in native mode in OS X.
Quicktime 5 or better
Required application memory: 15 megabytes

For more information, check out their product info page.

What can we say, except that Mac OS X seems to be allowing quite a “diverse” range of applications be developed for all sorts of niche markets?

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