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MacEdition Pro News : August 23, 2002: iDev goodies, Virtix freebies and more Jaguar taming

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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iDev, uDev, we all Dev games!

Our friends over at iDevGames have been busy lately. First, they’re launching a new version of their core Web site, iDevGames. What’s new about it?

As the Macintosh development community grows, so must iDevGames. Today, this growth comes in the form of both a new sever, and a new design for iDevGames. The new server iDevGames resides on, which was made possible through the generous contributions from members of our growing community, meets the growing need for a larger site in terms of content, speed and bandwidth.

With the move to a new server, iDevGames also sports a new look-and-feel. But the changes are more than just skin-deep: the new site contains such features as a Wiki system setup by Spencer Crissman to handle a Frequently Asked Questions section, a community built glossary, and community built online tutorials (; improved layout on the front page for easier navigation; and other new features such as the "Download Finder" for easily navigating all that iDevGames has to offer.

A major feature of the new site is a much improved forum, already boasting over 220 registered users, that forms the basis for a community which addresses the needs of Mac developers – whether they be game developers, application programmers, musicians, or artists; professionals or hobbyists. It is meant to fill the void that Mac developers are lacking in way of community and knowledge base.

But wait! That’s not all! iDevGames is holding its second uDevGame contest. With over $9000 in prizes being offered by the contest sponsors, iDevGames wants to make sure as many people know about it and participate as possible.

More information about the competition and how to enter can be found at uDevGame 2002’s official home page:

Virtix keeps on giving

Remember Virtix? We mentioned the company a while ago when it released its first iMovie special effects pack and free sample pack. Well, it has decided to give its sample pack a bit more meat with three new special effects:

Virtix Sample Pack 1.0 introduced iMovie users to the “Extreme Black and White”, “Flame” and “Letterbox” effects. In version 2.0, iMovie users can control the smoothness of the contours of the abstract images generated by “Extreme Black and White.”

Virtix Sample Pack 2.0 contains three new effects called “Dream Border”, “Glint” and “Virtix Soft Focus.” “Dream Border” adds a cloudy white border around your video. “Glint” adds a sparkle of light to a point that you choose. “Virtix Soft Focus” gives your video a soft, hazy look. (Virtix Soft Focus differs from iMovie’s standard soft focus in that it retains a portion of the original sharp image, so that some blurring occurs without losing all the detail of the original image.)

The Virtix Sample Pack for iMovie works with iMovie 2.0.1 and up for Mac OS 9, and iMovie 2.1 and up for OS X. It’s available immediately to download at m/products/SampleEffects.asp

Taming Jaguar: Endgame

Scott Sheppard over at OSXFAQ dropped us a line, leaving us with the final dates for the “Taming Jaguar” seminar tour.

When & where:

Chicago, Illinois - Sept. 5-6
Atlanta, Georgia - Sept. 5-6
Reston, Virginia (DC) - Sept. 9-10
Boston, Massachusetts - Sept. 12-13
Cleveland, Ohio - Sept. 19-20
Dallas, Texas - Sept. 26-27
Louisville, Kentucky - Sept 30-Oct 1
Indianapolis, Indiana - Oct. 3-4
Seattle, Washington - Oct. 7-8
San Francisco, California - Oct. 10-11
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Oct. 14-15
New York City, New York - Oct. 17-18
Raleigh, North Carolina - Oct. 27-28
Orlando, Florida - Oct. 31-Nov 1

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