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MacEdition Pro News : May 25, 2003
The magic of light and sound

by MacEdition Staff (feedback)

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In this issue

Wired, sort of

Road warriors who keep their eyes peeled for the latest bit of gadgetry to induce that boardroom level techno-envy might want to ease on by their local InFocus dealer and check out the company’s new LiteShow wireless module.

The LiteShow module is a device that snaps onto any projector which has a M1-DA or M1-D connector to allow the user to display their presentations using 802.11b, rather than hook up with the usual array of cables. The module is compatible with most InFocus projectors manufactured within the last four years and draws power from the projector.

Today’s fast-paced business world is becoming dependent on wireless communication and the freedom from the binds of awkward cables. LiteShow brings an exciting new change to the way meetings are conducted. Facilitating a more community-based atmosphere, LiteShow creates an environment where people can simply present ideas from their own notebooks in rapid succession through a shared projector. In addition, wireless projection enhances real-time collaboration activities, minimizes equipment setup and teardown and prevents lost or forgotten cables.

The LiteShow module has a range of 100 meters (~300 feet) and uses the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol to ensure secure signal transmission. The device – and its supporting software – is compatible with Apple’s Airport, among other wireless adaptors and computing platforms.

The LiteShow unit is expected to be shipping this summer and will carry a US$499.

Return of the limited edition

Borrowing a line from Australian rock band AC/DC, Griffin Technology is coming back in black.

The company is rereleasing its black version of the PowerMate multimedia controller knob. The black-faced device was initially offered as a limited edition, but now it will be a more permanent fixture in the company’s product line up.

“We made a few PowerMates in black last year and everyone just went crazy for them. We were completely sold out in less than 48 hours. Now we’re happy to say they’re back – in black. Are you humming the song yet?” says Paul Griffin, CEO and Founder of Griffin Technology. “Seriously, they’re just beautiful. I have one on my desk and the combination of the black metal and blue LED glow takes the PowerMate to a whole new level. People who see it demand to have one immediately. Now they can.”

The PowerMate device sells for US$45 and is available from the Grif fin site.

Great gear goes giggin’

Musicians looking for a way to hook up a roadworthy recording studio will doubtlessly be cheered by the latest offering from Digidesign.

The company released its Digi 002 Rack, an eight-track mixing panel that hooks to a Mac via a FireWire port.

Designed with both recording and performing musicians in mind, Digi 002 Rack features analog, digital and MIDI I/O, 24-bit/96 kHz clarity, and powerful 32-track Pro Tools LE software to provide you with a creative playground like no other, on either Mac OS X or soon, Windows XP*.

Just like it’s big brother, Digi 002, FireWire connectivity means your Digi 002 Rack is as portable as you want it to be. Work on Pro Tools LE sessions at home, then take Digi 002 Rack to a gig to record live inspiration. Either way, you get professional, renowned Pro Tools quality, full cross-platform session compatibility across the Pro Tools product family, and the easiest, most powerful way of affordably bringing your music to life. Whether you’re a DJ, an electronic musician, a singer/songwriter, or in a band, Digi 002 Rack covers your audio and MIDI bases like only a Pro Tools solution can.

The rack mountable unit fits into a 2U space and carries a price tag of US$1,295.

(EDs Note: We’d like to tip our cap to for providing us with a heads up on that particular item. Those who wish to read more on the Degidesign 002 can check out the article posted on that site.

Gotta get a groove

Workin’ disc jockeys and other musical mixing freaks might might be well tempted to use their PowerBooks and the iBooks as their main rig for their next gig with the release of a new software from DMX Productions

The Helsinki-based firm issued a new version of DISCO, a playback and mixing software for Mac OS X and Classic that emulates a two-track DJ mixer/playback console.

The live-remixing environment includes everything that’s used by a DJ during a live-performance, like: crossfader, cue points, BPM calculating, harmonic key mixing, pitch control on each track, master, pan, bass and treble controls. It also offers pre-monitoring on a single audio card or separate output support with multiple audio cards.

Disco allows you to play, in “Automix” mode, to Automatically play and mix playlists with unlimited songs So you can chill out without having to be the DJ.

The software comes with a database to catalog music on the system to facilitate quick searches to satisfy those special requests and handles audio files in a variety of formats including MP3, QuickTime, AIFF and WAV.

The software is available from the developer’s website and sells for US$25.

Press on demand

Aladdin Systems has inked a deal with SwiftCD which will allow customers of the venerable utility vendor to create customized CD of it wares for clients.

“In today’s tough economy we really need to watch spending, so it was a smart decision, and more profitable, to outsource this relationship to SwiftCD,” said Jonathan Kahn, CEO of Aladdin. “Thanks to robust technology and end-to-end service, we were able to go live with SwiftCD in just three hours after making the decision to outsource. We also liked that SwiftCD was able to provide us with a complete solution, encompassing order taking, order handling, manufacturing, packing, delivery and customer service.”

The first product to be offered by the partnership to the public is the Aladdin Solutions CD, to be offered through the Aladdin site and via

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